BitPenta(smart contract based investment platform)

Trading cryptocurrency mining Before starting to write I need to explain,that all the writing I type here is not to offer investment to you all, but to be learned and introduce one of them that I write now is BitPenta, if you want to invest there needs consult to investment advisors, if you are a beginner to be guided by experienced in investment, which I am now writing is about a smart contract based investment platform that is BitPenta,which is the material information, offered by BitPenta are: CryptoCurrency Trading, Bitcoin Mining Solution (bitcoin mining) and penta tokens.
Token Penta itself is not a legally binding investment, they are not registered in any government unit, so this token stands alone to develop and is allocated to Project Bitpenta, one projects offered by Bitpenta is Trading Cryptocurrency.
maybe many who do not know about cryptocurrency because I have not had time to write on this blog, essentially like a currency in forex, but crypto type and only exist in online, without physical,you can trade crypto with the help BitPenta.
then the other on offer by BitPenta is Cloud mining, this cloud mining is mined crypto without necessity of hardware or other technical requirement, easy and all is available and now offered by BitPenta, but Cloud mining also need deeper understanding, how provider have reputation and good security or not, but also the price of cloud mining can be approved or not and other factors.
then you can contribute to build Bitpenta by buying Token Bitpenta, because the sale of Token Bitpenta will be allocated to the project managed by Bitpenta,if the project is a success the possibility of selling price will later exceed the purchase price now, Also note there are profits and risks, everyone involved in the type of forex and crypto trading involves risk, but also may be able to get high profits by studying and appropriate selection.

Trading cryptocurrency mining Bitpenta is a company registered in the UK, they provide an online trading platform, but it is specialized in CryptoCurrency trading and Bitcoin mining (Mining Bitcoin)they are experienced in the world of forex and stock market trading since 2005, they are also a professional team.
Bitpenta platform takes trust of the participants, they want a secure platform and for its users to get a nice profit, but also connect with a mutually beneficial client with good quality and service, but also the advantages of Bitpenta is Withdraw the instant, user frendly, support 24/7, expert advisor, safe platform, User frendly for beginer, there are 3 levels of investment and 3 levels for refferal.

Bitpenta will raise funds for future income, all clients and people who already support Bitpenta, funds will be allocated for the development in Project Bitpenta, one of the largest allocated for mining development and trading, and the other for marketing, litigation and security, all to develop Bitpenta project.
there is a phase that can be followed in sale Bitpenta, namely pre sale and public sale.
Detail Pre-sale :
  • Pre Sale starting from 27 March 2018 - 2 April 2018
  • token price 1 ETH = 1400 x bonus 32% = 1848 Penta
  • Supply for pre sale 1,800,000 Penta + 32% bonus (576,000 penta) = 2,376,000 Penta
Detail Public Sale :
  • Public Sale starting from 02 April 2018 - 15 April 2018
  • token price is 1 ETH = 1,400 penta
  • No bonuses
  • Supply 5,670,000 penta
Trading cryptocurrency mining
If you want to read more details about Bitpenta to continue the link below, hopefully you can be more wise in investing your funds and investing for your business.

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