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Token Crypto blockchain
Now I will introduce nice project utilizes of technology blockchain in the world crypto namely is Zper, Zper is a decentralized P2P financial ecosystem that utilize smart contract platforms, they have an innovative project that connects investors with borrowers using a vast network around the world, Ziper intercede for those who want to establish cooperation.
Over the past few years, P2P finance companies offer more flexible financial services than traditional banks, but P2P financial companies still have restrictions, including; should be able to choose a good and transparent financial company, amount and quality of information is not sufficient for credit card analysis. therefore zper trying to solve all the problems.

Zper experiment to create make a solution all the problems in company financial P2P, Zper try more innovative to revolutionize the ecosystem P2P by utilizing smart contract, among them: creating activity more transparent for the financial transaction P2P using smart contract, because each transaction will be recorded on a smart contract and can not be deleted and change, flexible investment through the token to receive principal payments.
offered by Zper very nice and reasonable they make P2P ecosystem project with all the transactions will involve Zper token itself.
Sales token Zper will be allocated mostly for development and for improvement project Zper,imagine if the project is successful and will be many people who are very interested to be active in Zper and use zper token,tokens you buy in Zper will increase in value and more people in need, But any investment in crypto coins is a risk and a profit, so you need many understand to get involved in investing.

Any investment involves risk,risk here can be disadvantageous or loss of capital, but also can gain big profits in short and long term, you can take part in success of Zper project by buying first coin Zper, fundraising will allocate the development project Zper among which R & D, Operations, Marketing, development and partner strategies, while Token Volume is ZPR and tokens will be allocated to sales, ecosystems,teams and advisors, and Reseve.
token sale becomes 3 stages.
  1. Phase 1 there are two types, type 1 get a bonus 30%, price 1 eth = 20,800 ZPR and type 2 get a bonus of 20%,price of 1 ETH = 19,200 ZPR, hardcap targets for phase 1 is 28,000 ETH and the minimum purchase 50 ETH.
  2. Phase 2 gets bonus 10%, price 1 ETH = 17,600 ZPR, target Hardcap 10,000 ETH,minimum buy 0.1 ETH
  3. Stage 3 did not get a bonus, price 1 ETH = 16,000 ZPR, target Hardcap 10,000 ETH minimum buy 0.1 ETH.
Token Crypto blockchain

Zper's team members are a professional team, they say that Tim Zper is an expert on the P2P ecosystem in korea including P2P business owners, Robo-Advisor developers and others, so they will work hard for the success this project, through experience, knowledge and also they have a wide network.

Token Crypto blockchain
Token Crypto blockchain

If you want to learn more details about this project can go to the link below.

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