Hashcard Revolution Credit card and Debit card in crypto

Token cryptocurrency credit debit
hallo welcome to my blog, before please be clear that here I am not advocating or suggesting your funds to invest, but here I will introduce project that uses cryptocurrency technology that is hashcard, hashcard will provide solution and convenience for users cryptocurrency or blockchain, hashcards are truly functional cards in the world, physical hash cards can work on every credit card / debit card in existence, real time transactions make it easy for users cryptocurrency, every time card is in transactions and rest is stored securely, hashcard can also be used online and offline, physical card will be used by more than 30 million merchants, hashcard will also issue a hashapp application that serves to see balance of cryptocurrency in the card.
Many conveniences provided by hashcard that we often dreamed and now will be real, make a lot of people will be enthusiastic to join in this project, let alone hashcard provides many features of convenience for its users, no need to be difficult to exchange first shopping, just a hashcard can all be done, thus saving more time and money.
Hashcard can also be a secure crypto storage, if you want to hold your crypto, but if you need it to shopping or else, hashcard provides convenience for it, maybe millions people will use hashcard, because many people who have problems in crypto are too length of time when our asset is still a crypto, but we must be quick to use or spend it, even less hashcard will be able to use more than 30 merchants, with hashcard all that will be easy.
In addition hashcard also offers a token hash, which will be able to be used on hashcard, hashcard will be a lot of people use and as much it also hash token in use, hashcard sales will be allocated to hashcard project.

Most token supplies for sale and sale tokens will be distributed for most hashcard projects.
Distribution token detail :
  • 60% Crowdsale
  • 16% Reserve
  • 15% Team
  • 5% Advisors
  • 4% Bounty
Token cryptocurrency credit debit

Detail Crowdsale :
  • Token Supply 150,000,000
  • Softcap 30,000,000 Tokens equal $3,000,000
  • Hardcap 90,000,000 Tokens equal $9,000,000
  • Price 1HSHC equal 0.10 USD
  • Date May 1st, 2018 - June 12th 2018
Token cryptocurrency credit debit

but more tokens it sells will make this project more likely to grow, possibly token price will now be higher in the future.
just imagine with a good project with possible solutions on offer by hashcard maybe HSHC token will be much in crowd's interest and this project will be long life.

team and advisors who manage hashcard project I think have experience in their respective fields and they are a professional team, with their experience and knowledge, I am sure they will be splendid to develop this project to the top, Team details and advisor

Token cryptocurrency credit debit Token cryptocurrency credit debit Token cryptocurrency credit debit
As I mentioned above, such as about hashcard project, about token sales and about team and advisor, only a small part, you can learn more detail projectnya through link below.

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